Filosofighters flash game I did in 2011 now is featured on MIT OpenDocLab

  Game developed for SuperInteressante Magazine in 2011 is now featured on MIT Open Doc Lab, also was featured by pcgamer website.

Race game

Race Game I did using FiddleJS, jquery and some imagens from google images.

iOS Soccer Virtual Cup

Based on the famous Brazilian “Button Football” Game. Join the fun game of Soccer Virtual Cup, play against your friends, or win the world virtual cup, beating 7 matches to became the champion. Featuring groundbreaking physics, 2 weather type, 4 stadiums, each of them has it’s own physics and four game modes, world virtual cup,…

Festança flash game

Flash game I did the development on 2010 for Editora Globo, using A* for path finding. That was one of my first contact with data structures for games. public class AStar public class AStar {    private var graph:Graph; private var g:Vector.<Number>; private var h:Vector.<Number>; private var f:Vector.<Number>; private var parent:Vector.<int>; private var open:Vector.<int>; private…

AS3 invoking class from linkage by string

Today I was programming a game and I run over a problem, I had to invoke a Class by its string name. It can easly be solved by using a switch like: var className:String = “ClassNameOnTheLibrary1”; var gamePhase:MovieClip; switch(className){ case “ClassNameOnTheLibrary1”: gamePhase = new Phase1(); break; case “ClassNameOnTheLibrary2”: gamePhase = new Phase2(); break; } Now…