Gil Beyruth

Mobile Developer

I have been involved with interactive applications since middle 90s, developing , creating  and producing websites, games, mobile applications and softwares.

Started programming on my first personal computer in 1986, drawing on the screen with MSXBASIC.
In 1997, I started on web development, working on TV1 and Invision developing and designing html interfaces, on 1998 I started my Studio , on 2002 moved to San Diego, California and took certification as Macromedia Flash Developer, did some Flash development for an agency and where I developed my first software for SEO using flash, Zinc and pcre.dll (pearl compatible regular expression)

Back to Brazil on 2005, I started on Flash Media Server development for live streaming video applications, developing virtual conference rooms and chats and multiplayer games .

On 2008, I started working on a brazilian company as Flash senior developer, my Flash work has evolved into the fields of graphics effects, motion design, interactivity, physics and also 3D using Papervision 3d.

In 2009 I bought a macbook, and started developing iOS games on xcode, including SoccerVirtualCup, MiniSpaceFighters, Fear Garden and FormulaNova.
At that time I also did some plays with 3D game engine Unit3D, started a car racing game.

Became infographic developer on 2012 working at IG, and did many infographics using jquery, JqueryMobile, d3, and other javascript api, also did an iOS native applications.

Actually working as Mobile developer for IBM Brazil since 2014, developing retail Mobile application for Sprint Corporation, a telecommunications company on USA.

On last couple years I been working with many different technologies including, JAVA Spring, MuleSoft, Docker, Bash scripts, nodejs, mongoDB, bootstrap, angular, phonegap, appcelerator, xcode, git, svn and a team divided on many countries including Brazil, USA, India and Philippines.

Worked in many different areas of mobile development and web development process, from design to user experience and advanced coding. I’ve been working with mobile development for iOS since 2009. Great skill with standard iOS such as XCode, Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, Quartz Core, Core Location, Core Animation, Web Service Integration, json sync & async parse, memory management, now learning Swift language and studying algorithms.

Excellent skills on mobile game development with Cocos 2d Framework for iOS and Android, physic engines like box2d, chipmunk, Spritekit for iOS and JBox2d for Android, java and mysql.

Experience with Android native development using the Android SDK in features like User Interface, Networking, GPS and data base.  Certified with distinction by Maryland University on – Programming Mobile Applications for Android. Also did Facebook, Google and Twitter api integrations.

Interested on learning new technologies related to game and application development.