iOS Mini Space Fighters

The player starts the game with a basic ship. You will be able to departure as a head hunter working for Intergalactic Confederation.

You will have to start defending Pluto, the farthest Duarf Planet from the Sun.
Solar system have been invaded by a race of aliens know as Reptilians, they have been on Earth in the past, and where known to humans as dinosaurs.
They are back to Solar System to drain nukes from the Sun, and destroy all planets.
Once you prove you are able to help Intergalactic Confederation, you will be invited to get the Certification to defend other planets.
During the missions you will get Nukes, and at the end of each mission you will be able to trade it to improve your ship.
The ships have different amounts of power and shield.
When your ship have been hited it will lose shield and when the shield is over you will start to lose power.
You will also be able to buy helper bots, they will follow your ship, there are 4 types of bots:

Recover Power Bot
Recover Shield Bot
Laser Cannon Bot
Rocket Launcher Bot

At the end of each level you will have to defeat a Reptilian Boss.

Get a ship and go to the battle Ranger!